3 February 2014

Radbourne Walk - putting our plan into action

On Saturday morning (1st February)  a group of Northfield allotment plot holders and local residents got together to put a plan into action. Luck was with them because the sun shone - not a drop of rain fell all morning.

Rubbish had to be cleared, muddy paths made clean and a new meadow created for Ealing

15 January 2014

We're official

Last night thirty plot holders turned up for the inaugural AGM of the Ealing Dean Allotment Society.

Plotholders studiously checking the proposed constitution

We did a bit of tweaking to the proposed constitution and then we took a vote. Everyone was in favour of the new constitution - no one voted against and there were no abstentions.

11 January 2014

Plot 243 - Day 3

I have a favourite TV programme - it's called DIY SOS. They help people who have become overwhelmed with the task of extending their home. Some poor soul works every weekend, every evening, every spare moment - but the building work never seems to be finished. Then maybe illness slows them down and it all grinds to a halt. At DIY SOS they bring expertise - but importantly they throw a lot of people at the problem. 

Well plot 243 is our problem - unloved and supposedly uncultivateable. To get this plot cleared we would need plenty of people to volunteer their time and get stuck in. 

I stood on the plot this morning at 10.15 and wondered if anyone would turn up....

9 January 2014

Plot 243 - Day 2

So, today was day-two on plot 243. 

On day-one we used brush cutters and strimmers, today it was rakes and a box of matches.

The strimming and several years of neglect had left behind a lot of plant material to clear away. We've spent the day raking it up .

29 December 2013

Plot 243 - Uncultivateable.

We have a plot - unloved and neglected - in the corner of the site. It has been left unused for a long time and the longer it is left the worse it will get. It's really sad because it is a great plot, the soil is good and there are even some raised beds. There are two fruit trees, raspberries, holly for a Christmas wreath, and you can see bulbs pushing through the soil. It is close to a gate and water - what more could you want.

Paul with the brush cutter - tackling the denser brambles

21 December 2013

Winter Solstice

The winter Solstice is today Saturday, December 21. Although we often think as the Solstice as the whole day it will officially happen for those of us in London at 17:11. If you want to know when it happens where you live, the times are here.
The sun over Stonehenge (NASA)

12 December 2013

Inaugural AGM

The next plot holder meeting will be the inaugural AGM of the Ealing Dean Allotment Society:

Tuesday 14th January 2014
Start time 19.30
The Main Hall,
Northfields Community Centre,
71a Northcroft Road,
W13 9SS.

Back in September, the Pathways Board of Trustees gave approval for a move to self-management at Haslemere and Northfields Allotments. For this to work they wanted us to set up a society with an elected chair, treasurer and secretary.